Thinking Post… Multiple Layers of Friendship

Oh the BLISS of being young!! When you were young you had A TON of friends, from everywhere! School, home, neighbourhood, even your toys were your friends! Lol, the bliss of a small and young mind…
The older you grown up….

Isn’t this the truth though?
You start to look beyond the exterior, and start to realise that sometimes people are not smiling with you because they genuinely reacting to something u’ve just said or are actually happy… It turns out, sometimes its all just a fascade, a con. Friendships are sometimes not mutual, the hard truth that we sometimes have to believe. That your “friends” may not be who they say they are. May not be happy for you, may not even really like you as much, but possibly have something to “gain” from being “friends” with you. 
Sometimes your friends critique your life more than YOU do. Judge the decisions you make, the path you decide to go down, the clothes you wear, the things you like, people you associate with, the lovers you have. This is what confuses me the most. 
Yes your friends can JUDGE you, it happens, but not in a way that degrades you, or belittles you. 
Your girl can judge the dress you wearing… “Ooh, honey that dress is too tight, or that weave has GOTS TA go…!” LOL, they are SUPPOSED to do that arent they???

A friend will be brutally honest, yes, but they will also take your feelings into consideration. Don’t get me wrong, honesty in a friendship is VITAL, BUT if someone is willing to be “naked” towards you about their life, who they are, the space, their heart, you need to be fragile with them. A friend is not only there for life, hopefully, but it is also work to keep them there.


They are people you spend the most time with outside your family, and even though I call my crazies my friends, I know that should I need them, they will step up, and so would I if roles were reversed. No friendship is perfect. Sometimes friends say things that will hurt you, tremendously… But as with everything, you take it with a pinch of salt, and keep it moving.

Make sure yours are ones you can trust, respect, and love…. ❤

Live in Light and Love ❤


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