Feel it… Then… Let it go

Funny thing about pain….

At some point, this happens to all of us. 
Things become stressful, you start questioning yourself, not sure what you want and whether THIS is all there is to life. You get tired of the f#*kd up moments and the people who come with the drama AND create it. 
You CAN run away from it. Or you CAN go through it. Bottom line, pain, demands to be felt. There is absolutely NO way you can escape it. You can go through it, with sheer courage that you will hopefully come through it alive on the other end. 
But then you realise, fuck all the stress and the shit that feels it has the right to reside inside me, in my heart, in my space, in MY life. 
Then you LET IT GO….
You acknowledge that it must be kicked to the curb. You need to remember that its ok. Also remember, nourishing your soul is VERY important here. Keep it happy, and know how to channel it, call it, make it happen. 
Do what does it for you…
Pray, Meditate, Read a book, listen to your favourite music, burn a candle, 

Do ALL it takes to get back to being YOU again…
Live in Light and Love ❤ 

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