To the Year that was….


The year that was. Often one looks back and thinks that so many things could have been done differently. So many moments could be taken back, some re lived, some forgotten. In hindsight, I can say that it wasn’t the best year for me, but even with that said, a lot was learnt and many challenges were overcome. 
2014 was tough, indeed, but challenges are often the stepping stones to what can make you shine, or what can be the cause of your downfall. Which one do you choose? Take the bull by the horns and give it all you got, or cower away in the corner somewhere and “wish” it all away?
Relative. Your choice. 
2014- you taught me a lot, challenged me, but also gave me many wonderful memories. I thank you 🙂 However, we move forward, and we begin again. We have the opportunity to do things over, and let the light within us SHINE!!! 
Memories were made and shared
2015… you are the year I shine! 
Live in light and love ❤ 

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