"I write what I like…"

Often when I see/read/hear “I write what i like” I think of a fallen hero, well respected man in South African Society: Steve Biko.

Alas, this post however is NOT about Steve Biko, even though I could talk about him all day…

Writing, for me, offers a place where I can completely release and feel exposed, without really feeling exposed. Ok, let me explain- I am free to express myself, yet in the same token, I can control what i want to show to the world, through my writing, through my poetry.

Writing however provides a wonderful source of relief, release, and a moment to myself, and collect my thoughts. As I write this post, I think of all the wonderful things I want to share, but in the same frame, I consider that revealing too much can’t be the best thing…

This is the blog where I will write what I like, and introduce a little bit of me… to you.

My little piece of heaven “Pretty pictures & Clever Words”

Live in Light and Love  ❤


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Lifetime Friend <3 Lover of Love.... No Bullshitter, God's Child, Lifestyle Blogger DrEaM, CrEaTe, AcHeIvE, INSPIRE!!!

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